Three points to buy a tractor

Take a look at the main aspects of the following aspects:
1. A diamond-shaped "agricultural machinery promotion permit" must be affixed to the machine, or it must pass CAM certification for agricultural product quality certification. This certification is conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture's agricultural machinery test and appraisal station to inspect the production conditions of the production enterprises, review the company's technical documents, and issue the company's products after passing the quality inspection. The validity period is five years. This tag is actually a sign of product quality. It is recommended that when purchasing tractors, the Agriculture Ministry’s Agricultural Promotion Permit or CAM-certified products should be given priority. If there is no ministerial-level agricultural promotion certificate, there may be provincial-level considerations. If there is no promotion permit, users are advised not to purchase because The quality of these products cannot be verified. 2. Look for the name of the plant, site and trademark. As mentioned earlier, due to the large number of tractor-producing enterprises in the country, especially small tractors, the words “Changzhou in China” and “Cangfang in China” flood the market. Under such circumstances, users cannot be confused by this appearance. It is to compare and choose. If there is only a vague "China Jiangsu" or English nameplate, it should be carefully selected. 3. Look at the date of production. Do not underestimate the date, first, because the tractor has tires, oil seals and other rubber products, these products will be aging over time; Second, the tractor will be based on market improvements, the closer the date should be more advanced and reliable products. The user generally chooses tractors that are closer to the production year. 4. Look at the appearance of the tractor. To see if the paint is beautiful, appearance should be smooth, smooth, no blisters, cracks or burrs, no rust, no three leakage phenomenon, whether the tire quality meets the requirements, should not appear bulging, cracking phenomenon. Whether the parts are defective or not.

Whether there are three leaks in the second touch, especially the junction and seal of the box.

When the tractor is selected for three trials, a trial run is also carried out to test the diesel engine and the chassis of the tractor to check the quality of the corresponding moving parts. The following points should be noted when commissioning. 1. First check the starting performance of the diesel engine, the throttle control system, and the idle operation of the diesel engine. The operation of the diesel engine after starting should be easy and smooth without any noise, and the exhaust gas should be colorless, transparent or light gray. 2. The next step is to check the gearbox, check the free travel and steering performance of the steering wheel, check the brake system, hydraulic system, check the tires, and check the lighting system. The trial run of the tractor chassis includes whether the steering is light and flexible, whether the brake is smooth and safe, the work of the clutch and the gearbox are normal, the gearbox is not geared with heavy friction noise and other abnormal sounds, and the hydraulic system performance is good. Convenient and flexible, no leakage, etc. to ensure reliable tractor performance.

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