Picnic food preferred vacuum packaging

In the spring season, there are more people enjoying outdoor picnics in the leisure time, tasting farmhouses in the suburbs, and picking wild vegetables. The Haidian District Health Supervision Office recently reminded the public that the self-contained food picnic is vacuum-packed, and buns, sandwich cakes and other foods that are easily deteriorated should not be used as picnic food.

Dai Huiling, the head of the Food Hygiene Department of the Haidian District Health Supervision Office, reminded the public that since most of the self-contained bulk foods cannot be stored under refrigeration or freezing conditions, it creates a suitable environment and time for the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Moreover, it is difficult to heat the food during the picnic, which makes the self-contained foods contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms and grows and breeds. There is a certain risk in food safety. Therefore, when going out for a picnic, you should pay attention to the fact that the various foods prepared are vacuum-packed. They are not only storage-proof but also easy to carry. When eating, pay attention to not leaking or inflating the bag. After eating the bag, eat it once. If the homemade food is cooked, it should be cooked and cooked. The Zui is processed on the morning and dried and packaged. If it is processed or refrigerated or frozen, zui will be taken out in the morning and finished at noon. If you have dry food, it is recommended to bring baking and fried foods to be safer, while foods with high moisture content such as buns and sandwich cakes are prone to deterioration.

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