Sow constipation solution

Sows constipation is mainly caused by the release of toxins in sows, manifested as dyspepsia, loss of appetite, postpartum agalactia and other symptoms; easily lead to fetal absorption, miscarriage, physiological dysfunction, estrus cycle destruction and other reproductive diseases; constipation Department of inflammation, secondary infection, gastrointestinal bleeding, necrosis and other intestinal diseases.

First, the main reasons for the constipation of sows

1. Management factors. Insufficient drinking water, lack of proper exercise.

2. Feed factors. Rice bran, rice husk, fine material. Green feed decreased. Excessive mineral elements such as ferrous sulfate are added to the feed.

3. Sows with rectal palsy at the end of pregnancy and shortly after delivery.

4. Secondary bowel constipation: Infectious and parasitic diseases, early swine fever, chronic intestinal tuberculosis, intestinal helminthiasis, and febrile diseases have not been treated promptly.

5. Indigestion, different food.

Second, the treatment

Pay attention to feeding and management: less feed rice bran feed, increase wheat bran properly, increase feed supply; pay attention to the proportion of trace elements and vitamins in feed should be appropriate, and conditionally add a small amount of green feed to ensure sufficient and clean drinking water; timely We found out if there was a febrile illness and treated it in time; we used big circles to raise sows to ensure proper movement of the sows.

Drug treatment: pregnant sows add drinking water electrolysis multidimensional; gavage artificial salt; pay attention to antibiotic treatment, control of secondary infection; gavage vegetable oil, mineral oil (50 ~ 100 ml).

Non-pregnant sows can be treated with laxatives: 50 to 150 grams of sodium sulfate, 300 to 1000 milliliters of water, and one dose of stomach tube; after sowing, the sows are accompanied by rectal paralysis and low doses of pilocarpine (10 to 25 grams) are given subcutaneously. In this case, the combination of enema is better. In the summer, 1.8 to 2.0 kg of sodium sulfate are mixed in each ton of diet, which can play a role in laxation.

Tractional TMR Feeding Mixer

LEO seriesTMR Feeder Mixer / Vertical Mixer Wagons/fodder mixer Features:
1.Introduced the Italian original parts and assembly line to produce our LEO Series TMR Feed Mixer equipment
2. There are vertical fixed type, vertical traction type, horizontal fixed type, horizontal traction type, vertical self-propelled type and so on;
The capacity from 5 cubic meters to 42 cubic volume.

Thicken high wear resistant manganese box
The material thickness of feed mixer main body is above 8mm, bottom  is above 15mm.
 Ensure the life of the machine is 1.5 times than others.
Mixing tank is made by a high-quality16Mn alloy steel plate , better wear resistant and longer life. The special angel tilt design of mixing tank sidewall can resolve the pressure from materials to sidewall also can greatly improve the anti-wear of mixing tank .

We totally take the advantages of foreign feed mixers, simple operation, easy maintenance and practical. The lubricant refueling points is located in the outside.

TMR feeding mixer

TMR feeding mixer

Tractional Tmr Feeding Mixer

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