How Rex Rabbits Safe in Summer

The humid and hot environment in summer is extremely conducive to the breeding of germs and parasites, making rex rabbits susceptible to digestive tract and parasitic diseases, and the undeveloped sweat glands of rex rabbits. It is only relying on the microscopic blood vessels on the ear surface to expand and breathe, and it is difficult to disperse water in the body. The ability to regulate is extremely poor. If you do not control the environment artificially, the rabbit can easily suffer from heat stroke and cause serious death. In order to make rabbits safe in summer, the following measures should be taken:

1. Reduce the temperature and keep it dry. Close the rabbit house and avoid direct sunlight on the roof. The upper part of the rabbit house can be covered with a layer of black wire mesh or branches. A relatively large arbor is planted around a certain distance. The large canopy can not only shade but also affect ventilation; often open. Doors and windows are airy and breathable; on sunny days, cold water is sprayed on walls and floors, and lime, grass and wood ash are kept dry on rainy days, and rabbits and litter are also prevented from rain, and stocking density is reduced.

2. Keep clean and pay attention to disinfection. Rabbit sheds should be equipped with screens and screen doors to prevent mosquitoes and flies; cages and grounds should be kept clean, cleaned daily, and excreted in a timely manner to ensure that there is no odor in the house and that there is no accumulation of fecal matter; the food tank is cleaned once a day to prevent remaining After the material is accumulated, it is eaten by the rabbit; the bottom plate and the box are often cleaned; the basin is brushed every day and often gets sun exposure; the rabbit is sterilized every week with a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency and low-toxicity disinfectant.

3. Clever feed, reasonable feeding. Reduce the amount of energy feed in compound feed, increase the protein content, green summer feed is rich, you can feed more, but in the case of heavy rain and humidity, less feed high moisture green material, feed some dry roughage; wet powder feed to feed Now adjust to prevent rancidity; pay attention to the feeding of grass with mud water, piled up fever, contaminated by fertilizers and pesticides and contaminated by rabbit feces, grass, plastics and other debris should be cleared, after the rain to cut the grass to Dry it and feed it again. Feed should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place. Do not feed on the rotten spoiled feed. Garlic or chopped garlic is often added to the feed to prevent diarrhea and toxins from mild moldy feeds. Poor, should be fed in the morning and evening, feeding 1 or 2 times at night to allow rabbits to eat freely; drinking water should be clean and clean, add 1% salt in water, let rabbits drink freely; use wild chrysanthemum decoction to add feed or drinking water, It can prevent rabbits from hot and humid diarrhea, anorexia, and heat stroke caused by heat stress. Regular use of 1% wild chrysanthemum as an additive can effectively control the occurrence of infectious rhinitis, conjunctivitis, and mastitis in rabbits. .

4. Strengthen the prevention of epidemics, and be careful about summer breeds. Coccidiosis prevention can be fed with a certain amount of chlorpheniramine and globule powder in feed, and 0.01% potassium permanganate or 0.02% furazolidone in drinking water can prevent diarrhea. In addition, because rabbits are sensitive to temperature increase, the temperature will exceed 30 °C will reduce appetite, male rabbit semen quality is reduced, female rabbits at this time pregnancy, pregnancy can easily be complicated by some diseases, such as Pasteurella, heat stroke, etc., high temperature It may cause postpartum haemorrhage to die in female rabbits. The survival rate of puppies is also very low. Therefore, various technologies must be mastered to ensure the success of summer rabbit breeding.

5. Intensive cubs, enhanced care. Heat is the most harmful to pups. It is necessary to strengthen the care of young puppies in summer. Pigs should be born as soon as possible to eat colostrum; early grasping feed materials, 15 days of feeding, should feed a small amount of nutritious and easily digestible feed, such as soy milk, bean dregs or chopped young grass, leaves Etc.; 20 days after the age can be fed a suitable amount of cereals, bran, corn flour and a small amount of charcoal powder, vitamins, inorganic salts and garlic, onions, etc., in order to enhance the physique of the pups, reduce disease, should be a small amount of feeding, most Feed well five or six times a day; after 30 days of age, it is gradually converted to feed and ready for weaning; it is best to separate the cage from the female rabbit after eating and reduce the chance of contact with the feces of the female rabbit to prevent infection. Insect mites; after eating, puppies should not be over-fed to green feed with high water content, otherwise it will easily cause diarrhea, bloating and death.

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