Hot pepper fertilization technology

Pepper Fertilization Technology Essentials Peppers continuously absorb nitrogen from the early stage of growth to harvest, and there is a direct link between the yield and nitrogen uptake. The spicy taste of pepper is related to the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, and the amount of application will reduce the spicy taste. For dried peppers, nitrogen fertilizers should be properly controlled to increase the proportion of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. The amount of nitrogen fertilizer is too much, nutrient growth is too prosperous, and the fruit will produce umbilical rot due to the lack of timely supply of calcium. In the early flowering period, in particular, nitrogen fertilizers must be controlled. Otherwise, the plants are long and reproductive growth is postponed. Regardless of the timing of the pepper, proper use of fertilizer is very important. It is important to apply scientific fertilization, how much fertilization is applied during a certain period of time, and what type of fertilizer you like. It is especially important during periods of reproductive growth and vegetative growth, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.
1, base fertilizer: 5000 kg per mu, apply decomposition of organic fertilizer 5000 ~ 8000 kg, the best treatment by Jinbao starter, pig manure, human waste, soil can be fertilizer. Superphosphate 25 ~ 50 kg, mixed with 25 ~ 30 kg of potassium sulfate. Before planting, 60% base fertilizer was applied, and 40% of the planting was applied during planting.
2, Miao Fei: In the 12 square meters seedbed, apply 150 to 200 kilograms of organic fertilizer, sprinkle superphosphate 1 to 2 kilograms, plowing 3 to 4 times.
3, planting fertilizer: the fruit stem above the stem and leaves grow 3 to 4 sections, combined with watering topdressing human fecal urine 2000 kg per mu. After half a month, the top-rated second time was the same as before. Each acre topdressing organic fertilizer Fermented organic fertilizer 1500 ~ 2000 kg of organic fertilizer or ammonium sulfate 40 kg.
4, foliar dressing: flowering results, you can spray goldfish algae seaweed plus 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate.
5, biological bacteria. Biological bacterial fertilizer not only contains a large number of nitrogen-fixing, phosphate-solubilizing, and potassium-releasing active bacteria, but also contains organic matter, humic acid, and trace elements, and can be applied in combination with other fertilizers in any desired fertilizer period of pepper. High-quality fungus fertilizers, such as Kumba fungus fertilizer, can not only save the amount of fertilizer used, but also can solve soil compaction, increase soil microbial content and other issues. The application of bacterial fertilizer is beneficial to the improvement of peppery pungent taste and improves the quality of peppers.

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