Pepper seedling management three-character

Pepper seedlings, like a treasure, Zhongjiao farmers, should be managed well; Miao Jianzhuang, resistant to pests, high quality, high yield;

Just unearthed, life is tender, uncovering film, heart is small; temperature and humidity, very important, pest prevention, diligent weeding; open film, see the weather, low temperature, afraid of frozen seedlings; high temperature, sooner or later cover, ground ventilation, Good at noon; seedbeds wet, good ditch, vegetation ash, row of wet wonderful;

Look at the seedlings, fertilize the material, the concentration is low, do not burn seedlings; do not splash, gently pour, a bucket of water, feces three scoops;

Treatment of pests, see data; do not understand, please guide; treatment of drugs, high cost, heavy prevention, good effect; soil-borne disease, anti-dry, early seedlings, anti-flood; seedlings, small dose, slow Growing up, high concentration; Do not be afraid to invest in medicine, buy pesticides, read trademarks; production period, must, shelf life, see clearly;

To control insects, prevent soil silkworms, afraid of embarrassment, eat chili peppers; fight mites, spread viruses, tigers, eat seedlings; use drugs, poison, pollution-free, to keep a record; use killing, using drugs, using baits, methods are wonderful;

As the seedlings grow, they must be transplanted to protect their health. They must cultivate the seedlings. In the next ten days, the film should be open, day and night should be exposed, and there should be more care. The fight against insects and insects will not only damage the money but also damage the workforce.

Kinds of pepper farmers, we must remember well, do not, to lose the heart; pay more, high yield, more care, set the return.

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