Herbage Silage Technology

The silage of pasture is a simple, economical and reliable method of using microorganisms for fermentation to preserve the nutrition of green feed for a long period of time. It is an effective measure to ensure the balanced supply of roughage for livestock for many years. In China, in the Yuan Dynasty, "Wang Xi Nong Shu" and other books, there were records of the silage fermentation method. Silage has now become an important technology in animal husbandry. Pastures can be stored not only by means of modulated hay but also by silage. Silage can reduce the loss of nutrients. If silage facilities are advanced and technical operations are appropriate, the loss of nutrition is generally not more than 15%, and more than 90% of the carotene in the grass is maintained. Silage can improve the palatability and digestibility of livestock. The silage grasses fermented by microorganisms have acid odor, soft and juicy, good palatability, can stimulate the appetite of livestock, and the stimulation of gastrointestinal tract by lactic acid significantly improves digestibility. Silage can keep grasses green and fresh for a long time. It is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and can provide livestock with high nutritional value for many years. The silage production process is not limited by weather conditions. During the rainy season or when the weather is not good, it is difficult to make silage with less influence on making silage. The principle of grass silage, silage is the use of lactic acid bacteria attached to the surface of the grass, etc., for their growth and reproduction to create favorable conditions (anaerobic environment) for life activities, by microbial anaerobic respiration, the soluble carbohydrates in silage grass feed Mainly organic acids converted from saccharose, glucose and fructose to lactic acid, accumulate in silage, when organic acids accumulate to 0.65%-1.30% (better than 1.5%-2.0%) or when pH drops. When it is below 4.2 to 4.0, the activities of most harmful microorganisms such as spoilage bacteria and butyric acid bacteria are inhibited. As the accumulation of lactic acid increases, eventually the lactic acid bacteria itself is inhibited and stops its activity, resulting in long-term silage. save.

Our pumpkin seeds planted in the famours Northwest China plain area,with the abundant sunshine, day and night temperature differences, small pests, weak industrial base, less pollution,so the Pumpkin Seeds Kernels produced with fuller grains and better taste.

Pumpkin Kernels' functions:
1. Anti-inflammatory analgesic
2. Bright eye
3. Prevention and treatment of diabetes, prostatitis, hypertrophy of the prostate, atherosclerosis and so on

Pumpkin Seeds Kernels

Pumpkin Seeds Kernels

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