Tattoo Laser Removal Machine

Tattoo Laser Removal Machine is the laser action on the affected area, the pigment particles are crushed to tiny debris, through the skin scab discharge, discharge or blood circulation and cell phagocytosis complete pigment metabolism, will not damage the rest of the skin tissue. But each treatment should not be too deep, if not clean once cleared, can be second, but the interval between each treatment should be 1-3 months. No significant side effects after laser tattoo removal, leaving no scars, tattoos generally go 1-3 times after laser tattoo removal to clear. Laser tattoo removal There are several advantages to the following: First, the deep stubborn pigmentation significant effect, tattoos can be removed for a long time. Second, the laser pulse duration is shorter, better pigment blasting effect, almost no damage to the epidermis. Third, the wider range of applications, for different colors and different depths of tattoos and pigmentation.

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