How to choose a proper Butyl Rubber Stopper

Following rapid development of medicine industry, new type medicines are coming forth, leechdom packing processes and equipments are updated frequently, so it correspondingly has stricter requirements on medicine package materials. Being direct-contact package materials with leechdom, rubber stopper is one of the most important parts which might influence leechdom quality. Europe and American have adopted butyl rubber and halogenated butyl rubber with high purity, good sealing performace, excellent biology inertia to produce stopper since 1960s. In 2000, China State Food and Drug Administration issued doucument No.21 "Temporary Management Measures on Leechdom Package Materials, Vessels" and notice No.462 "Notice on Carring out 'Temporary Management Measures on Leechdom Package Materials, Vessels' and Enhancing Intendance and Management on Leechdom Package Materials". It brings forward clear requirements on rubber stopper factories to enhance management, update products series. So China rubber stopper factories must recognize development direction, follow situation and adjust products' structure to produce standard qualified butyl rubber stopper to meet with tight market. We offer suitable formulations for multiple injections and a tight sealing ability required in blood collection tubes.We offer a wide range of rubber formulation, which meet the major international Pharmacopoeia. Pharmaceutical containers must be made with non_active rubber formulations and designed to ensure tight sealing of containers and long-term contact with the pharmaceutical products. To prevent fragmentation, a low-core rubber material must be selected for multi-dose purposes.