Why plastics are selected for prefilled syringes?

Plastics syringes bring a true benefit over glass. Plastic provide improved robustness against breakability and better ergonomy (light weight),while delivering for many product an adequate stability performance level regarding water/gas permeability as well as extractible/leachable. Types of plastics used Plastics materials used for prefilled syringes are mainly of two types. Cyclo olefin polymer (cop) Cyclo olefin co polymer (coc) Significant advantages of plastics Plastics makers developed a new class of thermo elastic polymers that are used as clear as glass but lighter and less prone to breakage. These resins are also more resistant that polypropylene to water transmission, which lengthen the shelf life of the drugs. They contain one of the most popular Daikyo crystal zeniths. These crystal zeniths provide an impressive array of physical and chemical properties that are attractive to drug makers: