Super sweet corn Huabao No. 1 and its cultivation techniques

The super sweet corn can also be used as both fruit and vegetable. It can also be made into canned food. It is rich in nutrients and dietary fiber and is a new type of natural food popular in the world. In Guangdong and its neighboring regions, it can be planted in the second and third quarters of a year and it is easy to form large-scale production. In addition to meeting local demand, it can also supply Hong Kong and Macao regions with good economic returns. In order to meet the requirements of market development, South China Agricultural University Research and Development Center for Seed and Seedlings has developed a high-yield, high-quality, multi-resistant, super-sweet corn variety, Huabao No. 1 (Huatian No. 1), which has now passed through Guangdong and Guangxi provinces (regions). ) Variety certification. And in the regional experiment of Guizhou Province in 2003, “Huabao No. 1” was ranked first and it was ready to apply for certification of the province in Guizhou Province. This species has been planted, demonstrated and promoted in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan, Hunan, etc. It is generally well-received and is welcomed by the deep-fertilizer farmers. Its main features are high yield, disease resistance, fertilizer resistance, lodging resistance, plant growth, robust growth, broad adaptability, large spikes, good shape, high sweetness, thin skin, good palatability, and superior quality. In the past four years, the cumulative total area has reached 3,000 hectares or more. Under better conditions, the yield per mu is 900-1200kg, and in Yunnan it can be as high as 1,500kg or more, and good social and economic benefits are achieved. First, the breeding process Huabao No. 1 is a single cross between the "9609" and "9608" groups of inbred lines. Since 1992, more than one hundred hybrids and breeding materials collected at home and abroad have been self-selected and systematically screened for many years, and a large number of selected inbred lines have been cross-matched for hundreds of years. Appraisal, bred Huabao No. 1 in 2000. Its parental "9608" was selected in 1996 from Huanong SSH3, a self-inflicated 9th generation material; another parental inbred line "9609" is a combination of "Super-sweet 43" and ordinary corn compact and self-contained. Cheng Qiang excellent breed Huabao No. 1. Second, increase the ratio of new products and regional test results 1. Year-on-year results of our school Huabao No. 1 in the agricultural plantation of South China Agricultural University in 2001, the yield was 1280 kg/mu, which was 13.8% higher than the control super-sweetness 28; in 2002, the biological plant in South China Agricultural University Station Spring Plant In comparison, the output was 1010 kg/mu, which was 11.9% higher than Super Sweet 28. In the two trials, Huabao No. 1 showed a semi-compact plant, which was relatively short (178-188cm), resistant to disease, resistant to lodging, with a lower ear (60-63cm), longer spikes (19.8-21.1cm), and coarser (4.7-4.8cm), Barley weighs 300-400g, golden grain, sweet, thin skin, good palatability. 2. The results of provincial district trials in the past years in the fall of 2001 and in autumn 2002, Huabao No. 1 participated in the Guangdong Super-sweet corn regional trial. The results are summarized as follows: Huabao No. 1 increased 9.6% and 17.4% compared with the control. The analysis of variance showed that the former did not increase production. Significant levels, the latter reached a very significant level. The fertility period is 75-79 days, 3-4 days later than the control. Plant height 182-193cm, ear position 57-64, ear length 19.5cm, ear thickness 4.5-4.8cm, grain number 515, single ear fresh weight 283-285g, first grade ear rate 71%, golden grain, Soluble sugars are as high as 17.7-21.2%. The above quantitative traits and disease resistance, lodging resistance, quality and other items are generally superior to the control varieties. After two years of regional trials, Huabao No.1 showed a dwarfed, semi-compact, dark-green leaf color, strong growth potential, good adaptability, disease resistance, and lodging resistance; long-lasting leaf functional longevity and good green keeping Ears thick and thick, good yield; seeds high sweetness, thin skin, palatability is good, superior quality. The disadvantage is that if the flowering period is slightly longer than that of the rainy fruit, the pollination can be assisted and the water and fertilizer measures in the middle and later stages can be overcome. Third, the performance of plants everywhere Huabao 1 has been in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hunan, Hainan and other places demonstration, promotion, generally well-received, popular, the seeds are in short supply every quarter. 1. Good yield and good quality In 2000, 48 super-sweet corn varieties in Guangdong Province were demonstrated at Huadu Urban Agricultural Science Institute. Huabao No. 1 was characterized by strong growth, good uniformity, large spikes, strong resistance, and highest yield. Such as outstanding performance and won the first place. During the period from 2000 to 2002, a total of 560hm2 was planted in Zengcheng, Yangxi, Qingxin, etc., with an average yield of 890-980kg/667m2, and some high-yield fields exceeded 1000kg/667m2. The plant height is 170-180cm, the ear position is 60-70cm, the single pod weight is 300-400g, the pod is large, the peel is thin, the sweetness is high, the taste is good, and the quality is better. 2. Strong resistance to stress, adaptability Guanghua Bao No. 1 resistance to large-scale spot, sheath blight. As the plants are shorter and more compact, the rods are thick and strong against lodging. The variety has a moderate growth period, vigorous growth, and wide adaptability. It can be planted in Guangdong and other parts of South China, Southwest China, Central China and East China. In the northern part of Guangdong, spring and autumn seasons can be planted. In the south-central region, spring, summer and autumn seasons can be planted. In Zhanjiang, Maoming, Yangjiang, and other regions, 22-degree N south of the lower elevation region and the corresponding regions of Guangxi and Hainan can also be Winter species. Usually from sowing to harvesting, the spring sowing is about 80-85 days, summer sowing is about 70 days, autumn sowing is 75-80 days. 3. According to the results of local trials, Huabao No. 1 has better economic benefits due to higher yield/quality, stronger resistance, and wider adaptability. It is generally better than the control varieties (Super Sweet 20, Super Sweet 28, Spike). Sweet No.1, Huazhen, etc.) increased production by 16-19%, increased production by 149-186kg per 667m2, and increased income by about 118-190 yuan. Because of the good green retention of the leaves, when the barley is harvested, the whole plant leaves are green and suitable for green feed such as cows, fish, etc. Generally, 667m2 can receive more than 1.5 tons of stems and leaves of green and green, and hand over to the local dairy farm. 80-100 yuan is also a good additional income for growers in this area. Fourth, high yield cultivation techniques Sowing period. Spring sowing in Guangdong and Guangxi is from mid-February to April, summer sowing is from May to June, autumn sowing is from July to September in July, and the area with lower elevation in the south of 22 degrees north latitude and winter can be planted in Hainan province. All other places refer to the local corn sowing date. The sowing date of each season must also be determined in consideration of the market supply and demand conditions and the adaptability of corn growth. Avoid blindness. 2. The sandy land with convenient irrigation and irrigation and high fertility is planted and planted, and the non-super sweet corn such as common corn, waxy corn, sweet potato, and sweetened corn can be grown 200-300 meters. About 1.3-1.4 meters in width (baggage ditch), sowing 2 lines, the average spacing of about 65-70 cm, spacing 30 cm, seeding 3000-3500 holes per acre, sowing 3 seeds per hole (leaving 1 seedling when 4 leaves are selected), Sowing depth of about 3 cm, soil moisture should be sufficient to improve the quality of sowing, in order to fight a full seedlings. 3. Apply base fertilizer, promptly catch Miaofei and jointing fertilizer, and reapply big bell-mouth fertilizer (ie tapping manure) and high soil, filling grain can make up grain fertilizer according to leaf color. The combination of farmyard manure and chemical fertilizer is applied. The base manure mainly uses farmyard manure and phosphate fertilizer, and Miao manure uses urea, and the compound fertilizer and urea are applied during jointing and big flares, and then appropriate potassium fertilizer is added. The principle is based on nitrogen, with the appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, the ratio of pure nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is about 1:0.5:0.7. The amount of fertilizer should be determined according to the soil strength and plant growth conditions, in order to maintain the growth of plants strong, normal or dark leaves color is appropriate. Soil moisture should be normal throughout the period (relative water holding capacity of 60-70%), and it can be slightly dry at the jointing stage to induce the roots to develop in depth, booting, heading and flowering, and maintaining sufficient water in the early stage of grouting to facilitate long panicle granule growth. Water shortages during this period can lead to severe reductions in production. 4. Timely pest control and weed control. Super-sweet corn seeds and plants have high sugar content and are vulnerable to pests and rats. Sowing seedlings to prevent rodent pests and underground pests; to prevent and control corn borers and armyworms from jointing to heading; to prevent and control aphids during heading to harvesting. Within 1-2 days after sowing, when the soil surface is still wet, spraying of atrazine and cable, such as lumbar triangle herbicides, is effective against early weeds. During the growth period, combined with timely fertilization, earth-cultivation, weeding, fertilizer conservation, soil conservation, root-increase, and multi-effect prevention, ensuring a good harvest. 5. Auxiliary pollination. Huabao No. 1 has large and long ears, and the duration of the withdrawal of the female's filaments is longer. In addition to sufficient fertilizer for attacking manure to ensure the nutrients at the tip of the ear, if it meets with rain during flowering, artificial pollination should be carried out to ensure the top of the back. Filaments are pollinated to prevent baldness. 6. Timely harvest to ensure the best quality of the green barley. When the exposed part of the top part of the indigo was gradually dry to brown, and the grain contents had just entered the viscous milk, it was a suitable harvesting period. At this time, the taste of the grains is the most sweet, the slag is less, the flavor is the best, and the quality is the best. Receiving young crops will be decided on the basis of appropriate temperature. Spring sowing is generally 20-22 days after silk pollination, 18-20 days in summer and 23-28 days in autumn. Late autumn and winter sowing may be extended to more than 30-40 days. . After the harvest, the barley shall be processed immediately and sold, processed or refrigerated on the same day, otherwise the sweetness will decrease day by day, the peel will become thicker, and the unique flavor of the super sweet corn will be lost.

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