Cloning technology for flower production

Morning Post reporter Li Jicheng planted a Phalaenopsis in a small flowerpot and even opened more than 20 flowers, and these light purple flowers are almost the same in color, shape, and size, as if they were carved in a mold. It was cloned using a method called division. This is what the reporter saw yesterday at the site of the China International Flower & Gardening Exhibition. At this year's largest and most authoritative professional exhibition of flowers, gardening and gardening industry, the reporter learned that at present, the cultivation of flowers has entered the factory mass production, and new technologies and new techniques are constantly being applied to flower production. Technician of Shanghai Dinghan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. introduced that the original flower seedlings were cultivated using the method of birth, and the size and color of the flowers were varied. The adoption of the method of division can overcome these problems and it is very popular with the market.

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