Surgical Power Assisted Liposuction Fat Aspiration System Machine for Slimming

Model NO.: BS-LIPS3
Origin: China
HS Code: 8543709990

Power-Assisted Pneumatic Liposuction Machine
Model: BS-LIPS3

Liposuction, or suction lipectomy, is a surgical procedure to sculpt specific areas of the body by removing body fat from underneath the skin. Liposuction can rid you of specific patches of fat, such as saddlebags and love handles, and sculpt areas such as under the chin, upper arms, knees, calves and outer breast area. Liposuction is not intended for weight loss, although many people mistakenly believe it is.
Liposuction/fat-suction system with electric-vibration is a comprehensive body building device with adjustable vacuum pressure, syntonous system of cool-air inner-circulation frequency modulation, positive-pressure adjustable peristaltic water-injection system and hard parts frosted system. Adopting advanced technology and imported spared parts with elaborate manufacturing, such device can provide plastic surgeons with professional and excellent fat-absorbing and body-building equipment.

- One-way oil-free vacuum pump, with excellent and quick pressure boosting, and no countercurrent when engine stopping.
- With portable cool-air inner-circulation frequency modulation can be easily connected to any common negative-pressure machines and fat-absorbers.
- Hard parts frosted system is both good at milling bone structures and absorbing its fragments and powders as well as cleaning, which greatly reduces the surgeon's working intensity and saves operation time.
- Adjustable peristaltic water-injection system can not only be used as swelling anaesthetic injection, but also as the water-resource of hard parts frosted-absorbing system, with simple and convenient operation.
- No heat generation during operation, no radiation and scald.
- Handle-made choice to crack emulsified lipocytes, which can effectively protect skin nerves and blood vessels.
- High resonant frequency and high speed of fat absorbing with high efficiency, as well as convenient operation and labor-saving.
- Well-distributed fat-absorbing process, flat operation positions, very light pains and quick recovery.

Cryolipolysis Weight Loss Cryotherapy Application
1. Slimming and Body Shaping
2. Tighten skin, anti-aging
3. Improve blood circulation and metabolism
4. Smooth scar and wrinkles, Pore reduction
5. Smooth striae gravidarum
6. Add skin moisture
7. Enhance fibroblast elastic tissue
8. Improve orange peel organization, repair stretch marks
9. Promote tissue metabolism, skin rejuvenation

Vacuum Range 0 to 0.09MPa (step-less adjustable)
Input Power 300VA
Flow Rate 700ml/min(at vacuum pressure of 0.09MPa)
Noise <65dB(A)
Capacity of storage bottle 2000ml
Working Environment Abmient Temperature -20C degrees to  40 degrees
Relative humidity 80%
Atmospheric Pressure 500-1060hpa
Power Request AC220V, 50Hz

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