Golden Plated Fg Carbide Burs Endo Z of Dental Equipment

Model NO.: OM-F021
Length: 19mm 21mm 25mm 23mm, 25mm, 28mm
Package: 3PCS/Pack, 5PCS/Pack, 6PCS/Pack, 10PCS/Pack
Size: Various Sizes
Product Name: Endo Z with Golden or Titanium Plated
Trademark: OMD
Specification: CE, ISO
Origin: China
HS Code: 90184990
OM-F021   Endo-Z without golden plated or titanium plated
Head Length:11mm
packing: 3pcs/pack or 5pcs/pack

OM-F021P Endo-Z with golden plated or titanium plated

Model Length special length
OM-F021P 21mm,25mm,28mm.29mm,19mm 24.5mm

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