7 kinds of foods that cannot match the same food

Some foods react chemically when eaten, but they affect nutrient absorption and are prone to malnutrition, while others may cause food poisoning. Today, Xiao Bian has listed seven kinds of foods for everyone, so that everyone can avoid the negative consequences of food in the daily diet.

Alcohol bogey coffee

The alcohol contained in the wine has an excitatory effect, and the caffeine contained in the coffee also has a strong stimulant effect. Both of them drink with the same kind of stimulation.

If you drink this way when you are in a state of stress or irritability, you will increase tension and irritability. If you have a person with neurological headache, you will immediately cause illness. If you suffer from recurrent insomnia, you will worsen the condition. If there is a problem with the heart or someone with paroxysmal tachycardia, drinking coffee and wine together is even worse, and it is likely to induce heart disease. Once you drink both at the same time, you should drink plenty of water or add a little glucose and salt to the water to relieve the discomfort.

Hangover bogey tea

Some friends drunk a large amount of strong tea after trying to get drunk. As everyone knows, the combination of caffeine and alcohol contained in the tea will have undesirable consequences. It will not only fail to relieve alcohol, but will increase the pain of drunkenness.

Fresh fish bogey wine

Foods high in vitamin D include fish, fish liver, cod liver oil, etc. Eating such food and drinking will reduce the amount of vitamin D absorbed by people by 6-7 percent. People often drink fresh fish, but they do not know that this method of eating has lost good nutrients.

Shrimp and crabs are vitamins

Foods containing shrimps, crabs and other foods contain pentavalent arsenic compounds. If they are eaten with fruits containing vitamin C, they will cause changes in arsenic and convert them into trivalent arsenic, which is a highly toxic arsenic. The long-term consumption will lead to poisoning and reduced immunity.

Do not add sugar when milk is boiled

The lysine contained in milk binds fructose to glycosyl lysine at high temperatures and is not easily digested by the body. After eating, there will be gastrointestinal discomfort, vomiting, diarrhea and affect health.

Spinach bogey tofu

The oxalic acid contained in spinach and the calcium contained in tofu produce calcium oxalate coagulum, which hinders the body's absorption of iron in spinach and protein in tofu.

Milk bogey chocolate

Chocolate contains oxalic acid, which combines with protein and calcium contained in milk to produce calcium oxalate. Some people experience diarrhea after eating.

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