Spring sown corn varieties

Zhengdan 958: Selected by Henan Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The average sowing period for spring sowing in Beijing is 119.9 days, the plant height is 269 cm, and the ear height is 119 cm. The ear length was 17.4 cm, the ear thickness was 5.3 cm, the number of rows per ear was 14-16 rows, the grain weight per spike was 184.3 g, and the seed production rate was 88.4%. The grain depth is 1.2 cm and the grain weight is 360.4 g. Inoculation identified resistance to corn leaf spot, leaf spot, stalk rot, head smut, Curvularia leaf spot. In the two-year regional test, the average yield per mu was 663.45 kg; the production test averaged 599.1 kg per mu.

Nongda 108: Breeding from China Agricultural University. The spring sowing period in Beijing is 118-121 days, the middle and late-maturing varieties, the plant height 2.5-2.8 meters, the ear position 0.8-1.2 meters, the number of ear rows 16 rows, the spike length 14-18 centimeters, the ear coarseness 4.5-4.7 centimeters, 1000 grain weight 280 About grams, the weight of individual plants 125-142 grams, the rate of 84%. Inoculation identification for two years, medium-resistance-intensity, small-spot disease, mid-curvaceous leaf spot disease, and sensation-deficit mosaic disease.

Lianke 96: Selected by Beijing Lianke Seed Industry Co., Ltd. The spring sowing period in Beijing is an average of 120 days. Plant height 287 cm, ear height 116 cm. The average ear length is 17.6 cm, the ear is 5.4 cm thick and the bald tip is 0.8 cm. The number of ear rows was 16-18, the number of rows was 36.5, the ear weight was 196.9, and the seeding rate was 86.6%. The grain depth is 1.2 cm and the grain weight is 356.6 g. Inoculation identified resistance to corn leaf spot, leaf spot, dwarf mosaic disease, Curvularia lunata, stem rot, and head smut. The two-year regional test averaged 661.3 kilograms per mu; the production test averaged 648 kilograms per mu.

Zhongdan 28: Selected by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for crop breeding and cultivation research. The spring sow in Beijing has an average growth period of 125.9 days, a plant height of 271 cm, an ear position of 115 cm, a panicle length of 19.8 cm, a panicle thickness of 5.2 cm, a panicle row of 12-16 rows and a bald tip of 2.6 cm. Grain weight 180.7 grams, the seed rate of 82.3%. Grain depth 1.1 cm, grain weight 342.5 grams. Inoculated to identify the resistance to large spot disease, small spot disease, dwarf mosaic disease, stalk rot, Curvularia leaf spot, head smut. The average yield per mu is 625.2 kg in the regional test; the average production per mu is 625.4 kg.

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