Detox foods make your skin proud

In the cold winter, many female friends take cold weather and need food tonic, and enjoy the food. They use cold weather as an excuse to satisfy their laziness. Everyone knows that many toxins have accumulated in the body and make your face dark and dull. , full of conditions. When spring arrives, it's time to give the body a sweep!

Two simple detox appetizers that give you a new look

Secret red oil mixed with cucumber

The main ingredients: cucumber, red pepper, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, chicken, sesame oil, chili oil

Production Method:

Slice the cucumber into strips and cut out evenly the incision of 1 cm. This will make the cucumber more tasty. Then put the cucumber into a pre-prepared container and pour in the prepared red oil.

Red oil production method: pour the oil into the pan, wait until a little smoke, add chili powder, pepper powder, white sesame, star anise, cinnamon, grass, white beans, onion, ginger, garlic, fried crispy and then remove .

Ice rock candy black fungus

Main ingredients: Black fungus, rock sugar, mint leaves, red pepper

Production Method:

Put the black fungus, which is foamed with crystal sugar water, into the pan. After the water is opened, remove it and let it cool. Place the refrigerator in ice for half an hour and pour the sauce into the sauce.

Sauce main ingredients: soy sauce, sesame oil, a little white sesame seeds, a little green onion. ,

What is poison? Don't know what is in the row?

What is poison? Smiley half step? NONONO! Chinese medicine believes that the body's moisture, heat, sputum, fire, and food accumulate into "poisons." Among them, toxins from stools are the source of all diseases; western medicine believes that human body fats, sugars, proteins and other substances produce metabolic waste and intestinal food debris. The corrupted product is the main source of toxins in the body. While improving the environment, consciously choosing some detox foods and sticking to exercise is the right way to remove toxins.

The best time for detoxification

5:00am~7:00am Colon detoxification

It is best to defecate during this time because the later the time, the more toxins will accumulate. If constipation, you should eat more foods rich in crude fiber, such as cereals, whole wheat bread, etc., or with the meridian massage, the large intestine has a good effect on the defecation and colon conservation.

7:00am~9:00am Detoxification

Try to be able to eat some stomach-enhancing foods, such as carrots are the best choice, you can also soak some black tea, honey, water, and it is good for the stomach. Keep your mood happy, because stress, anxiety and other negative emotions can also stimulate the stomach.

11:00am~1:00pm Heart Detox

The heart is the core of all organs. Lunch to eat some foods to make up, such as longan, you can make up your heart. In addition, this time is the peak period of the heart beat rate, so be careful not to strenuous exercise. If you can take a nap for a while, it is more conducive to the heart detoxification.

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