Spring dry mouth to try diet therapy Yin deficiency

In spring, the climate is dry, and many people often feel thirsty. Sometimes, after drinking water, dry mouth can be relieved; but sometimes, even if you drink water, you can not relieve the symptoms of dry mouth, which is why?

In fact, it is well understood from the theory of traditional Chinese medicine that the phenomenon of "dry mouth" is called "yin deficiency" in traditional Chinese medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the human body is divided into two parts: yin and yang: Yin represents blood, saliva, tears, semen and other fluids in the body. When dry mouth can be relieved by drinking water, it proves that the body's yin deficiency is caused by excess yang. Therefore, after supplementing the liquid that belongs to the chi, the yin and yang in the human body are balanced and the symptoms of dry mouth are relieved. When the dry mouth cannot be relieved after supplementing the fluid, it means that the body's vaginal fluid has been severely deficient.

To treat dry mouth fundamentally, light drinking water is not enough. There are many ways to raise yin. If the yin deficiency symptoms are not obvious, you can start with diet, usually eat some of the following foods:

1. Duck: Usually used to cook soup or braised when the food. The duck is cold, and the spleen and stomach are yin deficiency and frequent diarrhea are hanged.

2. Sugar cane: Usually eaten raw, or pressed into sugar cane juice daily. Sugar cane is cold and cold, where spleen and stomach Deficiency and moisture accumulation Sheng are hanged. Because of its high sugar content, diabetics hanged.

3. Black sesame seeds: Take porridge or grind into black sesame powder. Black sesame slippery, spleen weak stool will not be served.

4. Lily: Eat steamed or porridge. Lily is cold and cold, and cold stomachache, diarrhea, and cough caused by exogenous cold are all hanged.

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