Pear tree winter cutting method

Tree pruning

Pay attention to the configuration of the main lateral branch and large result branch group, maintain the affiliation between the various levels of the main branch, do a good job of balancing the tree top and bottom of the canopy and the main branch at all levels, and control the growth of competitive branches and upright branches, and rationally use auxiliary feeding branches. .

Winter cut of early fruit tree

To continue to expand the canopy, in particular, pay attention to the cultivation and pruning of the resulting branches. In the sapling tree stage without pruning and long-term growth of the tree, due to tree shape, year after year transformation, a reasonable adjustment of the tree structure.

Winter shears of fruit trees

To maintain the normal growth of the main and lateral branches through pruning, the result is to rotate the branches of the result branches and renew the pruning, and rejuvenate the result branches so as to achieve high and stable yields.

Winter tree of aging tree

The latent shoots of pear trees have a long life span, and they are easy to shoot long branches. The branches can be renewed and adjusted year by year to restore their normal growth. Plants that grow taller than others should be cut lightly and sparsely during the first year of high-rise winter cutting. Cutting of the extension branches of the selected branch group should be cut; during the second year of winter cutting, the adjustment is mainly Scabs and peripheral growth of the branches; and the third year gradually into the normal pruning, pay attention to the branches of the branches in the alternate rotation of the various branches, the rest of the pruning method and the full fruit tree pruning method is the same.