Sheep sheep technical specifications

The preparation of mixed concentrates was performed according to American nrc lamb fattening nutrition standards, and feeds were used according to ny5150 regulations. Mixed concentrates consisted of 66% corn, 22% soybean cake, 8% wheat bran, 1% bone meal, 0.5% fine shell flour, 1.5% salt, 1% additive, and trace elements containing selenium. Roughage composition: Microbial fermentation of corn stalks or corn stalk silage is the main area, where conditions can be added bean stalks, peanut pods, sweet potato razor clams, sand sage grass, barnyardgrass and green succulent feed. In the first month of fattening, mixed concentrates accounted for 60%, roughage accounted for 40%, and later refined-to-coarse ratio was 1:1. Mixtures (based on dry matter) are fed daily for 4-5 months of age, weighing 20-30 kg and feeding 0.8-1.0 kg daily. 5-6 months old, weight 30-40 kg, daily feeding amount 1.2-1.4 kg. 6-7 months of age, weighing 40-50 kg, daily feeding amount of 1.6-1.8 kg. Feeding method 3 times a day feeding, free drinking water, as early as 6:30-7:00 feeding 30% of the full-day feed, 1:30-2:00 pm feeding the whole day feed 30%, late 8 : 00:00 Feeding 40% of the day's feed. Before the feed was fed, add water and wet it slightly. Feed it for 30 minutes each time. If there is a corresponding reduction in the amount of leftovers, increase gradually with weight and intake. Forage feed changes will gradually change. Clean water is always included in your home. 5. The use of hygienic anti-epidemic veterinary drugs and epidemic prevention shall comply with the provisions of ny5148 and ny5149. The disinfection of the product environment shall be performed at gb/t16569. Remove dirt from the house in time to keep it clean. The sheep house is sterilized once a month. After 1 to 2 weeks after shearing, the medicine bath is once, and the medicine bath is repeated once a week. Twice every year in the spring and autumn, increasing the number of insecticides in areas where the incidence of parasitic diseases is heavy. In the spring and autumn each year, four-joint seedlings (goat epidemic, sheep enterocytosis, sheep lice, lamb dysentery), tetanus toxoid, and brucellosis vaccine are inoculated. A foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, goat pox, and ii anthrax spores should also be injected into susceptible areas.

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