Prevention and cure of vegetable seedling disease

Cultivating disease-free and robust seedlings is the basis for the harvest of protected vegetables, and prevention and control of disease at the seedling stage are key measures to ensure the cultivation of strong seedlings. The following comprehensive measures can be taken to prevent disease at seedling stage and obtain disease-free strong seedlings.
The first is seed processing. With the 1500 times soaking of the green hen Tianbao, no soaking of vegetables can wet the liquid on the surface of the seed, spray while mixing, fully mix, soak the seeds, can increase the germination rate, promote new roots, enhance seedlings Cold resistance, can effectively control the roots. The amount of drug seed dressing used: every 2kg of seeds with green hen No. 1-1.5g, or with Green Hunter II 3-4g. Mix immediately after sowing, do not boring species.
The second is soil disinfection of seedbeds. One square meter of green hengheng 1g per square meter, 3,000 times the water, evenly sprayed on the bed, or 1g green hen No. 1 to fine soil 15-20kg, spread 1 / 3 in the bed, the remaining 2 / 3 after sowing Cover soil.
The third is nutrition soil disinfection. In places where the disease of seedling stage is serious for successive years of planting vegetables, the nutritious soil used for nursery shall be thoroughly disinfected. The green hengheng No. 1 shall be sprayed at 1.5g/m3 and the water shall be sprayed 3000 times evenly on the nutrient soil. Or seedling plate and then sow. After the emergence of seedlings, one spray of green hengheng No. 3000 solution is sprayed before transplanting, and the effect of controlling seedling diseases will be better.
The fourth is spraying or irrigating roots. In the early stage of seedling disease or when seedlings have been seen, it is possible to use Green Hunter No.1 3000-4000 times or Green Hunter No.2 600 times solution for soil spraying or rooting, which can effectively prevent the further expansion of the disease.
Seedlings unearthed after seed treatment and seedbed soil disinfecting and sowing are also required to pay attention to the management of seedling stage, to release air in a protective greenhouse in time, reduce the humidity, and prevent seedlings from growing in length; use sorghum to raise seedlings to prevent accumulation of water and water is not used in the early stage. Cultivator.

Black Goji Berry

Black Goji berries is a new treasured food that discovered in recent years,the nutrition value is much more than Red Goji berries, such as mineral elements and trace elements. Black Goji berry can preserve one's health, it contain a lot of anthocyanins,  has the function of 

scavenge for free radicals and anti-oxidation  which can help to  prevent cancer, it also help skin care, protect eyesight and adjust immunity, improve blood circulation etc.  


The procyanidins content of Black Goji Berries is much higher than blueberries(Black goji berry contain procyanidins is 3690 mg / 100 g; blueberries contain procyanidins is 330-3380 mg / 100 g). This is the highest ever discovered procyanidins content of natural wild fruit, which is the most effective natural antioxidant, its efficacy is 50 times of VC and 20 times of VE, the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients content is also higher, medicinal and health care value is much higher than ordinary red Goji berry, known as "soft gold".


Black goji berry typical usage:

1. Direct eating-the fruit may be eaten fresh, dried

2.Put it into a tea,

3. Put it into warm or cold water(NOT hot water)

4.  Adults eat about 5 grams per day wolfberry more suitable Black goji berry in alkaline water blue, purple in acidic water.

You can use mineral water or purified water to test the color -vivid purple or blue .


Function and effect of Black goji berries


Cancer prevention

Protect eyesight

Beauty &skin care

To improve the circulation


Enhance immunity

Resistance to radiation

Regulating blood lipid

Black Goji Berries

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