A late pumping too high yield cultivation measures

Too late to smoke one too is a high-yield variety of welsh onion imported from Japan in recent years. This breed is a hybrid generation, which is resistant to heat and cold. Dark green leaves, strong growth potential, onion length 40 cm long, diameter 2.0 to 2.5 cm, light blue and smooth, especially resistant to twitching, compared with the conventional imported varieties of 1000-2000 kg per mu increase in production. The main points of its management techniques are as follows: 1. Soil preparation and base fertilizer application. Seed bed full base fertilizer, combined with site preparation 15 to 20 days before sowing, per acre Shi compost 1500 kg of compost, superphosphate 40 ~ 60 kg, compound fertilizer 15 kg, seedbed width 100 ~ 120 cm, groove width 30 cm , 30 cm high. 2. timely sowing. Spring broadcast, autumn broadcast can be, but the spring broadcast is better. Spreading or drilling, seeding spacing 6 to 10 centimeters, acres of field use amount of 100 to 150 grams. Before the planting, we must pour enough water, soak the soil after water infiltration, cover the straw or shade nets, and remove the cover after the seedlings are sprayed. 3. Seedling management. Wet soil was maintained. Sub-seedlings were planted about 30 days after sowing. Garbage or coke dust was sprinkled on the seedlings. 4. Timely planting and reasonable close planting. Colonization can not be later than the end of June, the general seedling height 25 to 35 cm, stem diameter of about 7 mm, 3 to 4 leaves when planting. Colonization was carried out according to the size of seedlings when planting, and the thin and weak seedlings were removed. The distance between the rows was 3 cm and the number of mu leaves was 30,000. 5. Scientific management. Grasp the principle of "the former light, the middle and the heavy, after the attack." After the scallion is planted, it is in a hot season, with slow growth and little nutrient absorption. Generally, there is no need to apply excessive fertilizer and water. After the beginning of autumn, the temperature gradually decreased, and the need for fertilizer and water increased rapidly. In general, 150 kg of cake fertilizer or 10 to 15 kg of urea was applied per mu, and cultivators were applied to make the mixture of fertilizer and soil uniform. “Shoushu” After the growth of onion speeds up, the amount of fertilizer needed to increase, 50-75 kilograms per hectare of cracked cake, 750 kilograms of human excreta, 30 kilograms of superphosphate, 100 kilograms of plant ash, fertilize with water, and then deep plowing and earthing . After the “White Dew”, it is a period of light blue formation, with a large amount of growth. The amount of fertilizer needed also reaches a peak. The "white dew" and the "eut-of-winter" should be topped off respectively with "a tree-fertilizer." 12.5 kg, combined with earth. "Equinox" to "cold dew" is a period of vigorous growth of green onion plants, is the peak period before the formation of products requiring fertilizer, fertilizer to fertilizer, high soil, 15 kg of urea or compound fertilizer 25 kg, 12.5 kg of potassium sulfate. After the “frost,” the weather gradually gets colder. Onion grows slowly. The nutrition of the external leaves shifts to light blue and white, and the light blue is further enlarged. Generally, top dressing is not required, and watering is not generally needed to prevent loose meat and high moisture content in the light blue part. . 6. Harvest timely. According to the quality requirements of the export onions, light blue 35 to 40 cm, stem diameter 1.8 to 2.2 cm when harvested. Harvesting Attention should be paid to the operation. Do not break light blue or scratch onion skin to avoid causing rot. When harvesting, first excavate the loose rhizosphere soil, hand lightly pull the onion strains, and mix the roots with mud. After harvesting, preliminary processing, packaging, and packing are performed according to the export requirements.

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