How to rescue dead calf

False death, a condition in which the animal's physiological functions (such as heartbeat, breathing, etc.) are in extremely weak conditions, appears to have died from appearance, but there is hope of survival if rescued in time. The primary symptoms of calf death in calves are: full of mucus and amniotic fluid in the oral cavity and nasal cavity. The mucous membrane is purple blue. The tongue is hanging outside the mouth. The breathing is weak and rapid. The pulse is fast and weak, but the cornea reflex still exists; when the mucous membrane is severe, the mucous membrane is pale. The body is soft, the corneal reflex disappears, the breathing stops, and the pulse is not touched, but the heart still has a weak beating. The method of first aid for the dying calf is: immediately wipe the mucus and amniotic fluid of the burdock nose and mouth with a cotton swab, pour it first and pat the waist and chest several times by hand, and then press the chest and abdomen rhythmically for artificial respiration (also available Mouth blows a single nostril for artificial ventilation; At the same time, alcohol can be smeared in the nose of a burdock to stimulate its respiration, also with a sewing needle on the dorsal midline of the calf's tail, and every 2 cm from the tail point. Needle, even stab about 10 needles, to promote its wake. If the degree of suspended animation is serious, it should also cooperate with intramuscular injections of sodium naphthoate, camphorsulphonate, nikethamide, and other excitatory respiratory centers.

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