Tofu bar production technology

Tofu ribs also boat "bean skin", its thin, white, oily, boiled young, sweet, delicious, folk can also be used for meat filling, steamed or fried stuffing, etc., is very popular. The practice is: Choose fresh yellow soybeans with skin color yellow, non-toxic, and insect-free. After screening, remove the beans, impurities and sand, and then soak in water. The amount of water is not suitable for beans. Soaking time does not exceed 5 hours in summer and 20 hours in winter. If the temperature is higher than 30°C, rinse with water after soaking to remove sourness. When grinding, it is necessary to finely grind the soy milk remaining in the grinding tool. Then, soymilk is poured into the fabric hanging bag and shaken repeatedly to adapt to warm water. After filtering the first time, the bean dregs are evenly distributed, the water is heated, and the mixture is stirred evenly for the second, third and fourth filtration. Until the soy milk drains. The amount of water in the filter is generally 4 times the amount of soybeans. The filtered soymilk was put into a special iron pot, and the main fire went off sharply. After the milk was boiled, the fire ceased immediately and the charcoal fire was kept at a low temperature. The pot was not boiling and the temperature was controlled between 50-60°C. The first step is to remove the white foam on the pulp surface. After 5 minutes or so, the pulp surface will form a layer of rot fascia, cut into two halves with scissors, and then lift up with a bamboo rod along the edge of the pot, until the milk is completely cooked. . After cooking, the tofu dish must be dried immediately (can't be dried in the sun to avoid fermentation). A stove is set in the drying room, and the ash is kept on the charcoal fire to keep the simmer fire. The bamboo rod and the rot fascia are suspended in the drying room until it is dry. When baking, always turn the bamboo rod to prevent the fascia from sticking to the bamboo rod.

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