What is the most suitable density for fry and fingerlings?

Reasonable stocking densities are one of the important measures for the cultivation of large-scale fish and fish. The number of fry ponds: the fry are generally around 100,000 per acre, and squid and squid may be more appropriate, grass carp may be less appropriate, fertilizer ponds may be more dense, and new ponds and thin pools may be thinner. When the fry is raised for about 20 days, it grows to about 3.3cm, which is called summer fish species. At this time, it will be the first time to separate the ponds, generally putting 11.5 thousand tails per acre. After 30 days of cultivation, summer flowers grow to 6.6 centimeters or so, and the second time they are divided into ponds, 5000-8,000 tails per acre is good, and after 50 days of cultivation, when the fish species reaches 10-13 centimeters, To carry out the third sub-distribution, put 3000 to 4000 acre, so that by the end of this year, if the cultivation and management is good, 200 to 250 kilograms of big fish species can be bred per acre, and the specifications can generally reach 5 inches or more. Once down the pond, a pond raised in the end, it is best to put 5000 to 6000 summer flowers. The density of stocking must also be appropriately increased or reduced by the number of stocking fishes according to the conditions of the mountain and ponds, the amount of feed, and the level of management.

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