Semi-dry squid fillet processing technology

The production of carp in China has been increasing year by year. The development of semi-dry carp fillets is a good way to do a deep processing of squid and increase export products. 1, raw material selection: choose fresh frozen fish as raw material, only use the tortoise part of carp, head fin, epidermis, viscera and other for other purposes. 2. Thawing: Thawing by air bubbling, until the individual can separate, the fish can be in semi-thawed state. 3, cutting: first remove the caudal fin, cut straight from the back with a knife, and then even the headband viscera pulled out, separated and placed alone. 4, peeling: hand peeling, do not pollute the ink, and then repeatedly washed with water. 5, hot cooking: After the peeled squid slices put 80 °C ~ 90 °C hot water, cook until it can be torn until. 6. Cooling: The cooked bream fillet is soaked in running water and cooled to remove residual film and skin. Do not expose to the air to prevent yellowing of the carcass surface. 7. Seasoning: Take sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, and ice-fermented acid as the main ingredient, and mix well with the fish carcass according to the requirements. Then, the carp carcass was straightened and stretched. The layers were stacked and soaked for more than 6 hours. 8. Drying: Use three-level drying at 45°C, 40°C, and 3°C, bake until the moisture content is about 40%, and unwind the cold room after blowing it out for half an hour. 9. Packing: Each piece of eel is scrubbed with acetic acid and salt mixture, sorted and packaged, and refrigerated at -18°C.

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