High efficiency of potato cotton nest

Following the success of potato virus-free technology, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences successfully developed new techniques for three-dimensional planting of potato and cotton. With this technology, the profit per mu of cotton fields can be increased to around 1,000 yuan. Choose the appropriate set of ways and varieties. According to the actual situation in Shandong Province, the two-row cotton and two-ridge potatoes are better for the nesting method. The total broadcast width is 170 cm, the potato spacing is 65 cm and the spacing is 20 cm. You can also plant two plants in one hole, with a 30-cm spacing. The number of plants per acre was 3810 strains in the former and 5080 strains in the latter. The spacing between potatoes and cotton is 25 centimeters. The rows of cotton are 115 centimeters wide and 55 centimeters apart. The varieties of cotton and potato intercropping in our province should use the early-ripening detoxification seed potato which is short-stemmed, upright and not lodging, and concentrated in potato, such as Luhua No.1, Lu Yin No.1, Kexin No.4, and Dongnong 303. Preparation before sowing. The first is ostrich, fertilization, and soil preparation. The land is generally leveled and secured before early spring. If the soil is dry, watering should be done in time, and the principles of applying basic fertilizer and seed fertilizer should be mastered. The ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is 5 to 10 kg per gram of pure nitrogen, 5 to 7.5 kg of phosphorus pentoxide, and 7.5 to 10 kg of potassium oxide. The second is seed selection and germination before seeding. Eradication of epidermis cracks, malformations, pointed heads, necrotic buds, lesions, or nugget darkening buds must be eliminated. Seeds that have not passed the dormancy period (ie, harvested until seeded for less than 3 months) must be germinated. Cut the pieces before germination, cut 20 to 25 pieces per 0.5 kilograms of the kind of potato (about 25 grams of potato pieces can be sown with whole potatoes). For the seedlings with long resting periods and late germination times, they can be soaked for 5 minutes with a negative 6th power gibberellin of 0.5 to 1?0, and then neatly discharged on a germination bed with a thickness of about 10 cm. Maintain dark conditions and a certain humidity, and control the temperature at 15 to 23°C. 5 to 7 days inspection 1, when the bud length of 1.5 to 2 cm, put it indoors to spread dry. If the shoot is not long enough, germination should continue. Use 100-110 kg per acre. The third is the appropriate early sowing, when the temperature is stable above 7 °C, about the beginning of March can be planted in order to achieve early emergence of seedlings, premature trees, early potato, early harvest purposes. Strengthen field management. First, sow planting and timely soiling. Potato soil should be cultivated once before planting cotton. The soil should be ridged and the width of the shoulders should be large. Cover the top 10 cm of soil in the upper part of the seed and avoid excessive lightness or thickness. The depth of the ditch is preferably 6 cm. Second, according to public opinion, timely watering. Seedlings generally do not require watering, and only carry out tillage conservation. However, if the soil is too dry and the emergence and growth of seedlings are inhibited, they can be properly watered and soil loosened. The bud to flowering stage is the period with the most water requirement, and the soil moisture is suitable for 60%-70% of the maximum soil water holding capacity. If drought and water shortages should be carried out in time for ridge irrigation, the water should not be diffused over the roof of ridges when irrigating, but 2/3 of ridges should be run through. Watering should be stopped 5 to 6 days before harvest. Third, seize the opportunity to timely supplement fertilizers and control leggy. The spring potato should be applied to the base fertilizer once. If topdressing is required, topdressing nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers should be applied at the seedling stage. In the flowering stage of budding, 500 kg of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be used to spray 100 kg per mu, to supplement the deficiency of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. In the budding period, if the madness grows, the negative 6th power paclobutrazol solution with a concentration of 100?0 can be sprayed 1 or 2 times. Due to the spring drought in the cotton area of ​​our province, the number of watering times is limited. Therefore, it is recommended that the potato be covered with plastic film during intercropping to maintain the soil moisture.

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