Long-haired rabbit summer feeding management technology

Hairy rabbits are thick and dense, sweat glands are undeveloped, sensitive to high temperatures, and often produce heat stress during the summer. When the temperature rises to 30°C, feed intake generally declines; when the temperature rises to 35°C In the above situation, there will be phenomena such as rapid breathing, increase in heart rate, rising head, redness of the ear, standing still, etc. If the water supply is insufficient at this time, heat stroke will occur. At the same time, it is rainy in summer, and forage grasses are prone to moisture and mildew. If the breeding management is slightly dispersive, it can easily cause bloating, diarrhea and other diseases. In order to improve the economic benefits of raising long-haired rabbits in the summer, we should focus on the following technical points: First, select and use natural advantages to improve the rabbit environment. First of all, we should pay attention to selecting and creating a good rabbit-raising environment, such as the selection of venues. We should choose high-desert, ventilated sunny, relatively flat and slightly sloped areas; nearby water sources with good water quality and sufficient water, preferably spring water , Runxi or tap water; good permeability of sandy soil; convenient transportation and not close to the railway and highway trunk, quiet and pollution-free place, is conducive to the long-term development of the rabbit industry. Second, shading heatstroke, reduce stress. Planting trees, such as grapes, sponge gourd, melon and ginger, and other vine plants, should be planted in proper time in advance, and high-rising greenhouses should be used to cut off the irradiation of rabbit sheds in the hot sun to reduce heat radiation, thus creating a favorable rabbit for summer. The external environment; before the arrival of the hot season to deal with rabbits generally shearing, in order to facilitate cooling and cooling. If the rabbit has symptoms such as runny nose, fever, protruding eyeballs, convulsions, and convulsions on the extremities, it is called heatstroke. At this time, the rabbit can be quickly moved to the shade, with a wet towel to spread the head, ear, tail vein blood, while filling 20 to 30 ml of cold water, add 10 to 3 drops of water or 4 to 5 people. Granules (crushed) for first aid. Third, desiccant dehumidification, ventilation. Rainy summer, high humidity in the air, high temperature and high humidity are not conducive to the growth and reproduction of rabbits. For this reason, the outdoor rabbit house must be shaded by a shed; the indoor rabbit house should be equipped with a screen opening window to facilitate the exchange of air convection. High temperature weather can be placed in the rabbit's cage clean wells soaked in cool water, and outside with a plastic bag, so that the rabbits can be cooled on the bricks to prevent heatstroke; Conditional fans can be installed in the rabbithouse to facilitate heat dissipation With ventilation. On the wet ground, we can sprinkle some grass ash or dry lime every day to damp and remove moisture. In the rainy weather, windows should be temporarily closed to prevent rain from spilling into the room to increase the humidity, and the accumulated water around the rabbit house should be eliminated in time to avoid indoor moisture. Fourth, adjust the feed and feeding methods. In view of the characteristics of summer, adjusting the rabbit's feed composition, appropriately reducing the energy feed, increasing the ratio of protein feed, and increasing the use of green and juicy feed should be the general principles for raising rabbits in summer. The feed intake of rabbits in summer is generally reduced, so the feeding requirements are relatively refined. The crude protein in its diet should be slightly higher than the previous standard, and the energy should be slightly lower than the original standard. Feeding time should be changed when the early and late temperatures are low, that is, feeding in the early morning, late feeding, late feeding, and noon feeding should be given to improve the feed intake of rabbits. At the same time pay attention to the supply of clean and adequate drinking water. In summer, we should make full use of seasonal advantages to feed green and blue succulent feeds. When feeding rabbits with green-green feeds, it should be strictly implemented: 1 Green feed with dew and water washing cannot be fed immediately. It should be dried after feeding to avoid rabbit food. Cause belly bloating or indigestion; 2 green and yellow feeds that are piled up too long and are not suitable for feeding, to avoid the production of nitrite mildew; 3 feed juicy feeds such as pumpkins should be used together with the higher crude fiber grass and wild vegetables; 4 Poisonous plants such as poison celery, mandala, edulis and field weeds and leaves that have just been sprayed with pesticides should not be used to feed rabbits to prevent poisoning. 5 Taboo Feed rabbits with mildew or contaminated fodder to avoid loss. Fifth, reduce the breeding density, timely hair cutting heat. In the summer, breast-feeding rabbits should be kept in relatively large cages. For ease of bulking, it is best to manage them separately from the females and feed them regularly. After weaning young rabbits are adapted for a period of 1 to 2 weeks, they should also be fed with 2 to 3 cages or preferably one cage. Before entering the voluptuous days, the hair should be cut. In this period, the hair should be cut once every 45 to 50 days. The type of rabbit should be used to cut the hair more frequently. The young rabbit should also cut off the milk in a timely manner after weaning to facilitate its cooling and cooling. It is safe to spend the summer season. Six, control breeding breeding, rejuvenation and recharge. In summer, rabbits generally decline in physical fitness due to reduced choice of food. The quality of semen in male rabbits is reduced, and the burden on pregnant females is increased, which is not conducive to spending time. At the same time, it is also prone to abortion, reduction of lactation, and refusal to breastfeed, which is not conducive to the growth and development of puppies. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, this period should generally be suspended breeding breeding, so that rabbits can rest and save physical strength, in order to better focus on breeding breeding in the fall to improve production quality. Seven, do a good job in environmental cleanliness. Every summer, at least one rabbit house and playground should be cleaned once, and the excreta should be set for biological fermentation. The cage should be 5% to 10%. Bleaching powder is reduced by 1% to 2% caustic soda water; the site is disinfected with 20% lime milk or 10% to 20% bleaching water; At the same time, attention is paid to the elimination of mosquitoes, flies and rodents, and environmental cleanliness and sanitation are cut off from various aspects. way for spreading. VIII. Strengthen prevention and control of epidemics. While improving the feeding and management, a unified arrangement shall be made for the prevention and control of rabbit diseases in the summer: During the summer, a vaccination should be conducted as appropriate. The currently used vaccines include: rabbit fleas vaccine, Pasteurella multocida vaccine, mucinous Enteritis and Salmonella alum-formaldehyde vaccine, Clostridium perfringens type A inactivated vaccine. In addition, summer rabbits are prone to enteritis, coccidiosis, delirium, etc., and can feed appropriate amounts of garlic, welsh onion, or chlorpheniramine, furazolidone and other pharmaceutical additives in the feed to actively prevent the occurrence of epidemic diseases and ensure the improvement of summer Benefits of raising rabbits.

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