Modern pig breeding to ensure the health of pigs.

Modern pig farms in order to ensure the pig cleanliness, improve environmental conditions, reduce the pressure of manual cleaning, the general choice slat floor laying pigs. This high density, industrial-scale breeding method may also breed a new virus, which won the support of some scientists. For example, a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that this kind of factory-based rearing may increase the possibility of new virus multiplication, including swine flu and bird flu. With the progress of pig equipment, the sewage system of pig farms has been well disposed of, sewage almost reaches zero discharge, mosquitoes and other breeding conditions have lost, pigs do not have the usual kind of bad smell, there is no flies in groups The phenomenon. Pig farrowing crate, slat floor, automatic feeder, automatic drinker and other advanced pig equipment. Scientific and reasonable pig structure to ensure the health of pigs.