Problems might happen in Dental Clinical Cement

There are some problem we usually may have during the dental restorations cement, which due to the cement materials, the structures of the abutment after preparation, the dental restorations. 1), The pontic and abutment cement surface cause jackknifing: first of all, we need to check the reason and the jackknifing surface. Technically, we need to remove the pontic and remake it if we find it that the pontic rocks on the abutment. 2), The abutment is too sensitive to the hot and cold: this situation normally happens to those patients who have gingival atrophy, or revealing of the root. When dentist doing the acid etching on the abutment, few acid liquid might permeate the root. When this happens, dentist can make a layer of enamel or bonding material around the root, or give patient desensitization collutory to make patient feel better. If we ignore this, this sensitive symptom will take about one to two weeks at least or one to two months for the sever patient to disappear by itself. 3), Gingivitis: There are two mainly reasons for gingivitis: the cement covers the gingiva or gets into the groove of the gingiva; the unreasonable design of the pontic or the unfitting pontic might cause gingivitis. For the former, we should check seriously and remove the extra composite material and use some medicine. It will need a remake for the unfitting pontic. 4), Abutment Secondary Caries: Most causes of the secondary caries is that the adhesive dental bridge is partially broken but does not fall off, especially existing in the the abutment gingival undercut where the composite remains or which depends on the retention of wire clasp. Patient needs another treatment as long as there is a secondary caries. 5), Pontic Labial abrasion or defectiveness: The pontic labial abrasion is usually caused by patient using hard brush. The good way to against the abrasion is to choose a soft fur tooth brush. If there is an abrasion, we can repair it in Veneer restoration way. As for the defectiveness, it`s because of the shortness of the metal surface of the Maryland bride pontic labial contact. The bite force will be on the incisal of the composite occlusion. 6), Metal Wing Adhesive is off: There are three reasons: 1. the metal wing design has no retention shape; 2. the cement material is not good enough; 3. the abutment which to be adhesive is not dealt with well enough as inquired. As long as the metal wing is off, we need to remake the Maryland in most cases.

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