Winter storage sweet potato early soft rot

Soft-rot of sweet potato, commonly known as water rot, is an important disease that often occurs during harvesting and storage of sweet potatoes. A slight oversight would cause all the sweet potatoes to rot and cause serious losses. 1. Pathogen: Rhizopus lucidum, belonging to the genus Bacillus subfungi. The bacteria are present in the air, or adhere to the damaged potato stalks, or overwinter in the storage pits. The tubers are most suitable for the breeding of the bacteria at a temperature of 15°C to 25°C and a relative humidity of 75% to 85%. The fungus invades from the wound, and the sporangium in the infested area is re-infected by airflow, and the potato block has the wound or the sweet potato is most susceptible to infection after being frozen. 2. Symptoms: The fungus mainly infects the tuber, and at the beginning of the disease, it grows grayish mould on the surface of the tuber, then turns black or grayish dark. The diseased tissue becomes light brown in water and eventually grows on the surface of the disease. The dark black silk and sporangia form a large piece of black hair, which expands rapidly under suitable conditions. The entire tuber appears soft rot in about 2 to 3 days, giving off unpleasant odor. 3. Control methods: First, timely harvest: Summer potatoes must be collected before and after frost, autumn potatoes to be finished before the beginning of winter, you must choose sunny harvest, try to reduce or avoid the wound while digging potatoes. The second is the selection of sweet potato: Before the sweet potato is put into the pit, it must be picked, eliminate disease, residue, and rotten potatoes. After the water vapor is air-dried, it will enter the pit. Try to use the new cellar. Before the old cellar is used, remove the old soil from the pit. Soil can also be fumigated and sterilized with 15 grams of sulfur per square meter. The third is the scientific management of the cellar temperature: in the early period of entering the cellar, the outside air temperature is still high, and the cellar should be ventilated. When the temperature of the potato cell in the cellar drops to 12°C to 15°C, the cellar door is closed; in December to the following year 2 Month, at this time is in the cold winter period, measures should be taken to prevent freezing, so that the cellar temperature is maintained at 11 °C ~ 15 °C, not lower than 10 °C; March outside temperature gradually increased, you should always check the cellar temperature and keep at 10 Between °C and 14°C, the temperature was too high in the afternoon and the air outlet was promptly closed in the evening.

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