Rape freezing and seedling protection technology

As the seedlings are topdressed with yellowish red leaves, short plants, and weak growing nitrogen-deficient fields, Mu catches up to 7.5 kg of urea. For plants that grow slowly, have less roots, have purple red leaves, and are small and thick, they have 25 to 30 kilograms of calcium phosphate. For the old leaves, the new leaves, the tips of the leaves, the foliar edges of the leaf edges, and the thick and hard and fragile potassium-depleting fields, Mu recovers 7.5 kg of potassium chloride. For the boron-depleted fields where the leaf margin rewinds, the rhizome expands, and the leaves appear purple or blue-purple patches, 60-80 grams of borax is used and 60 kg of water is sprayed.
The cultivating loose soil in the arable tillage can eliminate weeds, eliminate compaction, reduce pests and diseases, preserve leeches, increase ground temperature, improve soil permeability, and promote robust growth of roots and seedlings. Therefore, rape fields should be intensively cultivated, especially in the event of rain or watering.
The roots of cultivating soil and cultivating roots were combined with cultivating. The time for cultivating soil was reduced to about 3°C ​​per day, and it was appropriate to grow in the ground when it was stagnant. The soil is too early and the temperature is high, which affects the growth of seedlings. If the soil is too late and the vegetable seedlings are subjected to freezing damage, the effect of soil cultivation will be affected.
Timely irrigation in winter irrigation time is appropriate when the daily average temperature drops to 5 °C. Winter irrigation is too early to achieve the proper function of winter irrigation. If the winter irrigation is too late, the temperature is low, and if the temperature drops suddenly after irrigation, the freezing damage will be aggravated.
It is advisable to apply organic fertilizers to wax fertilizers for wax fertilizer, and generally apply 3,000 to 4,000 kilograms of soil-fertilizers or 1,000 to 1,500 kilograms of beef, sheep and pig manure to combine cultivators in the rhizosphere of rapeseed.
Chemically controlled seedlings are transplanted in rapeseed field that grows early and grows vigorously. Before wintering, mu is applied with 15% paclobutrazol (35-50 g) and evenly sprayed with 50 kg of water to inhibit excessive growth of plants, promote plant growth, and prevent early infestation. Early flowers, improve cold resistance.
Removal of early pickings should be carried out at noon on sunny days to facilitate wound healing. When the cold wave is coming, it is not appropriate to pick up picks to prevent the wounds from being rotted and infected. After picking lotus root, topdressing 5 kg of urea per acre to promote robust growth of plants.

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