How to use the bait feeder correctly

Automatic feeders are favored by fishers because they save time and effort and reduce labor burden. However, the use of a bait-baiting machine needs to have the correct method. Otherwise, it will not be worth the candle. First of all, to install a feeding machine to choose a suitable location, you should face the open surface of the fish pond so that the feeding surface is wide; the water level should be deep so that the fish catch food. The two pools can share a feeding machine, the chassis can be made into activities, and the distance can be adjusted. Secondly, feed one day a week manually and record the amount of food each time the fish is eaten. This week, you can put it into the bait box according to the amount, and feed it according to the prescribed amount. It is best not to add or subtract at random. It is more appropriate to determine the amount of bait once a week. Again, pay attention to stop feeding on cloudy days. In addition, when the feeding machine feeds fish, it is necessary to observe the eating and drinking conditions of the fish. When the entire pool is disinfected every half month, check whether there is any food residue at the bottom of the food table. Avoid the practice of starting the product with a single charge. No matter what the fish eats when they turn on the machine, the machines all use the same feeding method. When the fish is not eaten at the back, the machine is still casting. It is expected to sink, and it is not only wasteful but also bad.

The lightweight, but very durable, Pig Sorting Panel produced by Honde is made of high-quality hard plastic to help workers easily move livestock such as pigs and sheep. We designed a product with circular holes in the top and side of the pig Sorting Panel, which made the operation of the pig sorting panel easy. The pig sorting panel is available in three different sizes, the largest size is 121 * 78mm and the weight is only 6.3kgs. If your order is large enough, we can also produce according to the drawings you provide. the pig sorting panel is ideal for large-scale farming equipment. Our pig sorting panel is light, small and ideal for young employees who can work with ease.

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Pig Sorting Panel

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