How to prevent crabs from eating seedlings

Rice fields raise crabs. If crabs are used, crabs caught in that year are small in size and cannot be sold at a good price. If crabs are released, crabs caught in that year are generally between 100 grams and 150 grams each. Specifications are large. high. However, because the crab is larger than the bean crab, and the tender rice that has just been planted in the field is the palatability food of the crab. Therefore, the crab is eaten, but the tender seedlings are eaten incompletely, and the tender seedlings are severely eaten. There is not much left. So, how to prevent crabs from eating seedlings? The following measures can be taken: 1. Breeding Zhuang Miao Miao Zhuang, stems and leaves old Jian, can reduce the crab delicacy. 2. Controlling the time for deducting crabs should be about half a month to 20 days after the seedlings are inserted, and crabs should be placed in the rice fields. Through the application of basic fertilizer before transplanting, and shallow water irrigation after planting, the seedlings are encouraged to plant early and early tillers to form a group with deep roots and leaves, so that when the crabs enter the rice field, they cannot eat, or eat a lot. 3. Plant the dungeons in the pit, such as water peanuts and black leaf algae, in advance so that the crabs in the pit can have enough water and grass to eat, and no need to eat seedlings. 4. Adhere to each feeding once in the morning and evening, so that the crabs can eat enough to avoid eating into the rice fields due to hunger. 5. Properly expanding the area of ​​the pit and groove in the pit area should generally account for about 35% of the total area of ​​the rice field, and it should not be too small. Too small a crab will enter the rice field due to crowding, causing damage to the seedlings.

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