Square seedless watermelon production technology

First, choose the square seedless watermelon planted in open field, you can choose Jinbao 1, Jinmi 1, Jinmi 2, Jinshuai No. 1, Jinhui No. 1; for table carving, you can choose Toyota 1, Xing No.2, Xingke No.3, etc.; early greenhouse cultivation, summer planting, and late-autumn cultivation, choose Toyota No.2, Xingke No.4, Xingke No.6 and so on. Second, planting methods and density square seedless watermelon planting method is the same as round seedless watermelon, hanging vines, open ground and open vines can be crawling, production uses more exposed creeping style, every 667 square meters (1 acre ) Planting more than 200 seedlings, row spacing 2.5 meters, spacing 1.2 meters, not pruning, not fighting, each branch of 20 to 30, pollination sitting 7-8, set 4-5. Third, mold making mold specifications for the 15 ~ 20 cm cube, mold to light, ventilation, water leakage, resistance to tension. There are three kinds of molds: (1) Direct injection molding by the glass factory according to the designed mold specifications; (2) Fixed by plexiglass bolts according to mold specifications; (3) Angle steel and glass materials are fixed by bolts. Fourth, select a melon mold glass mold, can be in the seedless watermelon pollen after the melon handle vertical fashion model, after the two kinds of mold watermelon pollination 15 days after the expansion of the loading melon. Pay attention to the selection of plants that are robust, moderate melon sections, and melon-shaped gardens with uniform melons. When removing the mold, remove the dirt and gently handle it. Do not touch the cucurbits. After the mold is installed, a small platform higher than the ground is built with soil, and the melon mold is placed on the platform steadily and then the leaves of the twigs are turned. Five, field management After 5 to 7 days after the mold is installed, it is necessary to keep the mold stable. After that, turn it on every 3 to 5 days to make the light even. It is necessary to strengthen fertilizer and water management and comprehensive pest and disease control, especially pay attention to increase the amount of organic fertilizer, the ratio of organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen can not exceed 1:1; to use biological pesticides to control pests, so that the production of square seedless watermelon to achieve AA grade green food standard.

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