Lead-free coated egg processing technology

Songhua egg is one of the favorite dishes for people. In the past, people usually added a certain amount of lead oxide or Huangdan powder when making preserved eggs. However, with the development of science and improvement of living standards, people have gradually realized that lead is a toxic metal element. To protect people's health and strengthen food hygiene management, the relevant national authorities have stipulated that the lead content in preserved eggs should not exceed 3 ppm. Premium preserved eggs must not exceed 0.5ppm. In recent years, the international market has proposed the prohibition of sales of leaded preserved eggs, which hinders the export of preserved eggs. Therefore, it is imminent to research and produce lead-free preserved eggs. After consulting a large amount of data and many experiments, we succeeded in producing lead-free preserved eggs with copper and lanthanum mixed salt instead of lead oxide, and improved the new process of converting paraffin-embedded eggs into solid paraffin wax. The quality and grade of the preserved eggs were welcomed by domestic and foreign merchants, which improved the economic benefits. 1. Songhua Egg Processing Technology 1.1 The main raw materials of fresh duck egg alkali, salt, tea, copper salt, salt, boiling water, industrial lime, wax and so on. 1.2. Processing Method 1.2.1 Method of Making Songhua Eggs Soda ash, quicklime, salt, copper salt and barium salt shall be weighed, mixed and mixed with boiling water. When cooled to room temperature, gently wash the fresh duck eggs into the liquid. Soak for a month, remove and dry, until the wax film. 1.2.2 Wax Film Method The quantitative solid paraffin wax is melted, and then the processed duck eggs are immersed one by one in the wax liquid and immediately taken out. After 3 minutes to 4 minutes, a firm film is formed. After passing the inspection, it will be the finished product. 2. The test result was checked by the relevant department. The egg preserved in this method contains 4.2mg/kg of zinc and 3.5mg/kg of copper. All of them are within the scope of the national regulations, and the appropriate amounts of copper and antimony are beneficial to human health. harm. At the same time, the pine flower of pine flower is obvious, the elasticity is enhanced, the color is pure, and the taste is excellent. It is a high-quality product. 3. Process features The egg made by this technology is delicious, the protein is solidified into a green-brown color, the shape is complete, the surface is smooth, the peeling is easy, the yolk is clearly structured; the skin is not sticky with wax, the surface finish is good, the sealing is strong, and the price is cheap. This process completely solves the problem of heavy weight, large volume, unsanitaryness of muddy eggs, easy cracking and shedding of muddy materials, deterioration of preserved egg and other defects, and more importantly, the unleadedness of this egg, which lifts people's worries. Lead-free coated pine egg materials are easy to obtain, the process is simple, its product quality is stable, the price is cheap, and has broad prospects for development.

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